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Due to its characteristics – they are widely used in bodybuilding. Possible to achieve lean muscle in a short time. In addition, they allow for better muscle definition and strength. From the chemical point of view, are derivatives of testosterone e or 19-nortestosterone.

Anabolic steroids Pharmacom UK are available both in the form of tablets and injections. More often measures are applied in the form of injection, mainly due to their less harmful effect on the liver. Moreover they operate much faster as compared with the tablets. It should, however, be aware that some anabolic steroids are available only in injectable form or only in the form of tablets.

How do steroids?

The mechanism of action of steroids is based on the stimulation of androgen receptors, which are available on the surface of cell membranes. Taking such measures – on the one hand leads to the transmission characteristics of the body typically male, which is evident in the overall structure of the body, color of voice, hairs, and even behavior (eg. Increased aggression). On the other hand, they are responsible for stimulation and multiplying the formation of new cells, stopping the disintegration of other cells.

Anabolic steroids act on several levels, the effect of which is to increase muscle mass due to increased protein synthesis, increased power – up to 40% fat reduction – due to accelerated metabolism, improved vascularization – it is believed that this is a result of the increased pressure blood as a result of use of steroids, joint pain reduction – due to the fact that the means have an antiinflammatory effect, a shorter regeneration time – due to increased protein synthesis.

The most common side effects
There’s no denying that support the anabolic steroid can achieve satisfactory results. Rapid growth of good quality muscle mass, better sculpture, faster reduction of body fat and increase strength and endurance – this results, on which depends the most bodybuilders. However, one should be aware that taking anabolic steroids will always be associated with side effects. Their strength impact depends, however, on many factors, including dose, frequency and the center of a steroid.

The most common side effects include: alopecia, acne – this is a result of the adoption of anabolic steroids converting to DHT, gynecomastia – relates to steroids characterized by a strong the aromatization of estrogen, liver, kidney and pancreas, impotence, decreased libido, infertility, increased aggression, acceleration atherosclerosis, which can lead to myocardial infarction, the formation of emboli and blood clots.


Steroids and anabolics
Maybe let’s start with the fact that anabolic steroids as a word derived from “anabolism” that build proteins concerns precisely measures supplements, nutrients that accelerate the construction of proteins in the body. The difference between the SAA and anabolics as already guessed is significant and starts even from the fact that the legality of the Polish market and the level of hazard.

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The use of steroids is to allow an increase in body weight at a faster rate than during a typical workout alone. In some cases, it is also observed and an increase in bone mass. This process occurs via the so-called. anabolism. Anabolism, it is nothing but a process which is much faster than in natural conditions protein synthesis. By combining the use of anabolic steroids, along with training in the gym, we can see much quicker the desired effect, which is usually getting muscular body. Contrary to popular belief, steroids are not replacing the exercises, and only make the effects work on the silhouette is quicker. Steroids is not so much a ticket to a good, muscular figure, but above all a big help and booster. When we are working hard on our figure, anabolism is responsible for the fact that the body is changing. These changes are visible very quickly, which is not the case for the application of only exercises.



Anabolic steroids is a drug safe; in fact, steroids are derivatives of testosterone. It is on the basis of the action of testosterone, you can describe the way in which tasks your fill steroids. First of all, SAA improves the strength level .According to research conducted in the midst of taking steroids, strength increases up to 40%, which is the result of a very promising.

The diagram below illustrates the effect of SAA in the human body.

effects of steroids
Operation of steroids is to stimulate androgen receptors are located on the surface of cell membranes. This results in the creation of new cells and stopping the degradation of other cells. The effects can be given in a few points:

increased muscle mass
increase strength (up to 40%) due to increased protein synthesis
speeding up metabolism, and thus, fat reduction
reduction of joint pain (anti-inflammatory)
shorter recovery time
Anabolic steroids are used orally in the form of tablets and injectable form (teat). The latter is more popular because it does not irritate the digestive system, especially the liver.

The reason why the force is increased to such an extent, is the transformation of proteins. It is a process which results in the well and acquire a very large deposits of energy. As the actual derivative of the male hormone, a steroid, but provide greater seam strength, which, incidentally, is very useful for training in the gym, he brings with him also taking and other features that can be considered typically male. Mainly, steroids, makes a gain in body hair as well and observed the color change voice to a lower, more masculine and deeper.

Not to undermine the fact that, with the help of anabolic steroids, can achieve satisfactory results. Note, however, that their use must go hand in hand with responsibility. Steroids are always dosed with the greatest caution, and it does not matter whether the doctor wrote it, or decided to not alone.

Anabolic steroids can sometimes have negative consequences. They are associated with abnormal frequency of doses and the dosage amounts of the substance.

Supplied cycles steroids may lead, inter alia:

of acne
gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement is
liver damage, kidney and pancreatic tumors
acceleration of atherosclerosis
increase aggression
decrease in libido
If you’re taking steroids are not prescribed by a doctor, the more you should have as much information to help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Below is a list of popular anabolic steroids, along with detailed descriptions.

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